Convenient - Safe - Secure
Credit card pouches have so many uses you will wonder how you ever managed without them!

As Credit Card Pouches have an easy adjustable strap they are ideal to be worn on many parts of the body, wrist, upper arm and lower leg. Wearing two at one time is easy, e.g. one on the wrist for credit cards and one on the lower leg for business cards etc.

Worried about getting your Credit Cards stolen? You should be! Credit Card theft is now a major problem in our society. Banks and Police are constantly working on this growing concern. Thieves have sophisticated systems for stealing your credit cards! Especially in busy areas like Night Clubs, Shopping Malls and Airports. Don't let them! Our handy Credit Card Pouches will keep your Credit Cards safe.

They can be worn on many parts of the body . Handy for you to get to them, but difficult for thieves to steal from.

Only USD $10.77, or USD $54.77 for a pack of 6!
What will it cost you if thieves steal your cards?

Be smart! Protect yourself and your friends!

By decorating them with your company website and logo you can use them to brand your business as a corporate gift for your customers, staff and family etc.

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(We are based in Wellington, New Zealand. International callers dial +64 4 5666-123)

Credit Card Pouches are a revolutionary way to ‘wear’ your credit cards and business cards.

Credit cards, business cards and members cards etc are here to stay. Even driver’s licence and some hotel keys are plastic. Plastic cards now form part of everyday life. However, no matter how many you have, you will mostly only use around 5 daily.

Would you like to have your cards handy at all times?
This allows you to be free from carrying bags eg, Night Clubs, Jogging or any other place where it may not be suitable to carry a handbag.
This is a wise investment.
They are also ideal as a corporate gift and can be decorated with your company logo or website. So if you are looking for a gift item, or if you just want to advertise your business, these make an ideal economical product for promotions.
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Adjustable strap allows Credit Card Pouches to be worn on many parts of the body.